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A few years ago we have fallen in love with mobile advertising.

Despite mobile advertising is one of the most promising business opportunities, due to the lack of relevant technologies, smartphones core functions’ idle screens are empty.

And mobile viewable ad impression shows poor results.

We were fascinated by the idea of delivering mobile advertising in that magical moment, when the users use the phone for it is basically for, making an outbound call.

We want to build the best mobile advertising company.

Not just the best, but the first in mobile-first advertising.

To achieve, we intend to provide the mobile ad-delivery solution and services of the future.

But don’t believe it. Challenge us!

Tibor Nemes - Founder & Strategy Management

Experiences in business & marketing strategy development at multinational companies.

Zoltán Záng - Founder & Financials

Serial entrepreneur in advertising and promotion industry.

Tamás Sachs - IT project management

Technology project management experiences at global telecommunication companies.

Adwantapp is a mobile advertising ad-delivery platform that generates and delivers mobile advertising seamlessly integrated into outbound calling process, with no process interruption. To receive a mobile advertising, users do not have to open any additional function (web browser, app), just use phone for outbound calls as usual, to receive ads.

We measure how ads were liked, and we deliver only those that are relevant to ad consumption, customer behavior and content preferences.

Adwantapp mobile ad delivery platform provides the almost perfect mobile viewable ad impression. To put it simple, if the user uses phone for outbound call, surely sees and recives the advertising. The solution provides multiple form of advertising, and one mobile ad can be extracted to multiple creatives and multimedia formats.

The structured process directs users to landing page, providing immediate conversion, whatever it is.

We could measure practically everything concerning ad impression and behavior to message, from a very simple conversion to sophisticated behavioral analyses.

With Adwantapp platform, mobile advertising is delivered in a competitor-saved intimate environment, when user’s attention is totally focused to mobile phone.

We achieve a 100% net rating point and no waste coverage.

Due to our innovative technology, we are able to approach the perfect mobile viewable ad impression, which means user surely sees and receives advertising.

The mechanism of the ad provides wide range of option in one ad to deliver even different creative solutions on multiple platforms in one advertising.

Due to our deep measurement, advertisings are targeted according to previous ads consumption and content preferences, thus message relevancy approach to perfection.

Using Adwantapp is not requiring from users to interrupt the calling process, even no additional taps for opening mobile web, applications or social media to receive the ad.

Every outbound call is a great opportunity to get preferable incentives, relevant information interested in, and entertaining content.

Just give us your name and e-mail address and we will put you on Adwantapp invitation list.

Only the first 1,000 early birds wanted!

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